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Many of the European architecture centres and museums have been around for much longer than their UK equivalents and are generally better supported. Consequently, they can be more dynamic and oriented toward the community. Sometimes one finds that a centre is actually a PR centre for the profession or an academic centre; we've tried to avoid those. Check the web site links.
Austria : Vienna : Architektur Zentrum Wein
Museumsplatz 1 - 1070 Vienna - Austria
T: +43-1-522 31 15 - T: +43-1-522 31 15 Ex. 30
F: +43-1-522 31 17
The AZW is an architecture centre; it is a forum, meeting place, information point and exhibition space for all those interested in architecture and buildings and covers the spectrum from being an academic research facility to providing a modern cultural service. The AZW has established itself as the main architecture centre in Austria. Founded 1992.
Austria : Dornbirn : Vorarlberger Architektur Institut

achstraße 1 - 6850 Dornbirn
T: +43 5572 51169
F: +43 5572 51169 9548

This institution wants 'to unite humans, who energize the emergence and organization of high-quality habitations and support them for a common improvement to our quality of life.' Their activities include: exhibitions, installations, conventions, symposiums and workshops. Round tables and panel discussions. Guided tours, training courses and workshop discussions. Center for data bases, archives and documentation. Developing innovative projects for architecture and urban development. Interdisciplinary cooperation and coordination between experts, architects, city planners, politicians and the public. Publications of books and catalogs
Austria : Graz : Haus der Architektur

Engelgasse 3-5 - 8010 Graz
T: +43 316 323500
F: +43 316 323500 75

The house of architecture (Haus der Architektur) Graz is a house of events made by and for people regarding contemporary architecture as a cultural matter of concern. It was created in 1988 out of a need for a common forum for architects, urban planners, students, public and private clients and representatives of other disciplines of art, but it is certainly open to anyone interested in architecture. The range of activities at HDA Graz covers exhibitions, talks, workshops, competition presentations, architecture education and organisation of excursions along with the organisationás own publishing house for a wide range of international publications on architecture. Founded 1988.
Belgium : Vlaams Architectuuinstituut (VAI)

Jan Van Rijswiklaan 155
2018 Antwerp
T: +32 (0) 32428970
F: +32 (0) 32428979

Founded 2001 with offices in deSingel International Arts centre.
Belgium : Centre International pour la Ville

rue de l'Ermitage 55
1050 Brussels
T: +32 (0) 26422450
F: +32 (0) 26422455

Includes the Archives d'Architecture Moderne, Foundation pou l'Architecture. Foundation Philippe Rotthier pour l'Architecture, Paul Duvigneaud Ecologic Documentation centre, Espaces Vert et Arts des Jardins, and the Victor Gaston Martiny Foundation. 6500sqm centre over six floors.
  Croatia: Museum of Architecture

HR 10000 Zagreb
T: +385 14834551
W: www.mahazu.hazu.hazu

Founded 1995. Part of the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences. See also The Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb, which apparently also has architectural exhibitions (
Denmark : Copenhagen : Centre For Architecture

Gammel Dok Pakhus
Strandgade 27 B
1401 Copenhagen
T: +45 32 57 19 30
F: + 45 32 54 50 10

Not only is the Centre for architecture Denmark's sole permanent exhibition facility exclusively devoted to architecture, DAC also provides the framework for a wide variety of activities aimed at bringing the gap between architecture as an art form and the professional practice of building, via lectures, debates, conferences, publications and guided field trips. The scope of DAC reaches beyond Denmark's border with international exhibitions of Danish architecture travelling to various places throughout the world.
Denmark : Copenhagen : Centre For Architecture

Gammel Dok Pakhus
Strandgade 27 B
1401 Copenhagen
T: +45 32 57 19 30
F: + 45 32 54 50 10

Not only is the Centre for architecture Denmark's sole permanent exhibition facility exclusively devoted to architecture, DAC also provides the framework for a wide variety of activities aimed at bringing the gap between architecture as an art form and the professional practice of building, via lectures, debates, conferences, publications and guided field trips. The scope of DAC reaches beyond Denmark's border with international exhibitions of Danish architecture travelling to various places throughout the world.
Estonia: Musem of Estonian Architecture

2 Ahtri
10151 Tallinn

Finland : Jyväskylä : Alvar Aalto Museum

P.O.Box 461 - FIN-40101 Jyväskylä
T: +358 (0)14 624 809
F: +358 (0)14 619 009
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 11:00am-6:00pm - closed on Mondays - see website for exceptions

The Alvar Aalto Museum, a special museum of architecture, was founded in 1966. It is housed in a building designed by Aalto and completed in 1973. The museum has also been in charge of the Muuratsalo Experimental House since 1994.
The museum, which functions as an Aalto information centre, organizes exhibitions in Finland and abroad, and produces publications connected with Alvar Aalto. There is a wide-ranging permanent exhibition of Aalto's work on show in the museum.
France : Paris : Foundation le Corbusier

8-10 - square du Docteur Blanche - 75016 Paris
Opening hours:
Villa La Roche: 10:00am-2:30pm/1:30pm-6:00pm(Mondays 1:30pm-Fridays 5:00pm)
Villa Jeanneret: 9:00am-12:30pm/1:30pm-6:00pm (Mondays 1:30pm-Fridays 5:00pm)
library: 1:30pm-6:00pm (Fridays 5 p.m.)
Closed : Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and the month of August

Anxious to avoid the breaking up of his studies, plans and some of his visual work, Le Corbusier had, before his death, laid the groundwork for a foundation to which he bequeaths all his property. Officially created by a decree of 31 July 1968, the Fondation Le Corbusier was set up in the Villas Jeanneret (administration) and La Roche (for visits). The Foundation owns most of original drawings, studies and plans by Le Corbusier, (in collaboration with Pierre Jeanneret from 1922 to 1940), as well as a sizeable collection of written and photography archives. In addition, it possesses numerous paintings in various techniques by Le Corbusier, who was also a painter.  
France : Paris : Pavillon d'Arsenal
21 boulevard Morland - 75004 Paris - France
T: 01 42 76 33 97
F: 01 42 76 26 32
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 10:30am-6:30pm - Sunday: 11:00am-7:00pm - Closed 1st January.
This is the original architecture centre as we know it, set up by th e Paris municipality to promote its programme of grands projets in the 1980's. 'Visits can be organized to permanent and theme exhibitions. These are offered on reservation, by a lecturer of the Pavillon de l’Arsenal. They are adapted to everyone: the general public or specialists, French or foreign. The Pavillon de l'Arsenal is also a library. Studious and inquiring people will find a wealth of documentation there, and helpful assistants too. Located at the entrance to the Pavillon de l'Arsenal, the bookshop-boutique is open six days a week, Tuesday to Sunday.'
France : Paris : La Galerie d'Architecture
11 rue des blancs manteaux - 75004 Paris
T: +33 1 49 96 64 00
F: +33 1 49 96 64 01
Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday 11:00am-19:30pm
La Galerie d'Architecture in the heart of the Marais in Paris, is a forum where people can meet, share information and exchange ideas on the theme of architecture and related fields. This activity aims at reaching further architectural debate providing inspiration and prompt reflection. A variety of events such as exhibitions, evening happenings, conferences and round tables are planned. We wish to give an opportunity to those receptive to the links between architecture, culture and the lifestyle of the beginning of this century to use and participate in the creation of an open and interactive space. The gallery is animated by related disciplines with lectures on fine arts, design, literature, philosophy, fashion.
France : Paris : IFA + Centre d'Archives

6 bis rue de Tournon
75006 Paris

Centre d'Archives d'Architecture du XXe Siecle
127-129 rue de Tolbac
75013 Paris

New gallery at the Palais de Chaillot, from 2003.
France : Orleans : FRAC Centre
12 rue de la Tour Neuve - 45000 Orleans - France
T: 02 38 62 52 00
F: 02 38 62 21 80
The FRAC Centre is a collection venue for contemporary architecture. The collection, made up of architects' projects, from the drawing-board to the model, is organized around the concept of process, where the esthetic concerns of artist and architect alike can overlap.
The FRAC Centre collection is divided into three periods: 1. Experimental architecture of the 1950's and 1960's 2. Prominent international architectural projects of the 1980's 3. A young, forward-looking architecture.  
France : Bordeaux : Arc en Reve Centre d'Architecture
7 rue Ferrère - 33000 Bordeaux - France
T: +33 (0)5 56 52 78 36
F: +33 (0)5 56 48 45 20

Since 1980 arc en rêve centre d’architecture has developed a cultural project in the fields of architecture, urbanism, landscape and design, with an international, educational and forward-looking dimension. Exhibitions, conferences, publications, workshops for children and trips are among the many activities designed to promote public appreciation of contemporary expression in these different living environment, and the city’s ever changing modes of representation and expression. Learn to love architecture through concrete experiences. Discover architecture in playing with signs, shapes, colours. Understand development by walking in the town, telling the story of one’s town, playing at building things together.
Germany : Berlin : Aedes
WEST: S-Bahnbögen 600-601 - 10623 Berlin
T: +49-(0)30-282 70 15
Opening hours: daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
EAST: Hackesche Höfe (Hof II)
Rosenthaler Strasse 40-41, 10178 Berlin
T: +49-(0)30-282 70 15
Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday 11:00am-6:30pm - Saterday 11:00am-3:00pm - Sunday 12:00am-5:00pm
Aedes is an Architecture forum which has two gallery spaces in Berlin. The birth of the gallery in Berlin West arose in a wish to provide a forum for contemporary architecture. Since 1995 a new Aedes gallery has been founded in East Berlin joining its partner gallery in West Berlin. Since that time the two gallery have both been run by founder Kristin Feireiss and her Partner Hans-Jürgen Commerell.
The exhibitions focus primarily on the concept and development process of the architecture projects. With over more than 250 exhibitions featuring both relatively unknown and internationally acclaimed architects Aedes has become internationally renowned.
Germany : Berlin : Bauhaus Archiv
Klingelhöferstraße 14 - 10785 Berlin - Germany
T: 030 - 25 40 02 0 - Infoline: 030 - 25 40 02 78
F: 030 - 25 40 02 10
opening hours: Wednesday - Monday 10:00am-17:00pm
"The Bauhaus Archive / Museum of Design in Berlin is concerned with the research and presentation of the history and impact of the Bauhaus (1919-1933), the most important school of architecture, design, and art of the 20th century. It is the most complete existing collection focused on the history of the school and all aspects of its work and is accessible to all. The collection is housed in a building drafted by Walter Gropius, the founder of the school."
Germany : Berlin : Bauhaus Dessau
Gropiusallee 38
06846 Dessau
Stiftung bauhaus Dessau / Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. World Heritage site; restored buildings from the 1920's.
Germany : Munchen : Architekturmuseum Schwaben

Buchegger-Haus - Thelottstraße 11 - 86 150 Augsburg
T: +49 (8 21) 22 81 83 -0
F: +49 (8 21) 22 81 83 -33
Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday 2:00pm-6:00pm - closed on monday

In 1995 the museum of architecture Swabia - department of the technical University of Munich - reopened. Task of the new museum is the study and documentation of the architectural history of Swabia as well as the architecture to a broad public. The museum has as aim to be the center of Swabian architecture, with view beyond Swabia. The status of a universitaeren research establishment guarantees thereby necessary independence.
Germany : Frankfurt : Deutches Architektur Museum
Schaumainkai 43 - 60596 Frankfurt am Main
T: 069-21238844
F: 069-21236386
Opening hours: Tuesday, Thursday - Sunday 10:00am-17:00pm - Wednesday 10:00am-20:00pm - Mondays closed
The DAM is housed in a building designed by Oswald Mathias Ungers, one of Germany's foremost architects. A 19th century villa was completely gutted, leaving only the outer walls standing. Into the empty space Ungers then inserted a system of rooms based on a cube, creating a potently distinctive interior in the form of a 4-storey house-within-a-house. The architecture of the DAM is widely regarded as the built embodiment of Ungers' architectural ideas and theories. It has made the building itself internationally famous and has been the subject of numerous publications. Indeed many visitors to the museum come for the sake of the building alone.
In 2001, some 16 years after its initial completion, the building was fully renovated and restored to its former beauty.
Ireland (Eire) : Irish Architecture Online
8 Merrion Square
Dublin 2
Archéire [derived from architecture - eireann] is a collection of web sites focused on architecture in Ireland. It is intended to heighten awareness, and to foster debate both within Ireland and internationally. It is a diverse, growing collection of sites, with emphasis ranging from history and preservation to current architectural developments and issues. Archéire was started in early 1997 although some of the websites have been in operation since mid 1996. Confusingly, there is also the RIAI Architecture Centre at this same address and also The Irish Architectural Archive at 72 merrion Sq.
Netherlands : Rotterdam : Berlage Instituut
Botersloot 25 - 3011 HE Rotterdam
T: +31.10.4030399
F: +31.10.4030390
Opening hours: Monday - Friday 10:00am-5:00pm
One of the aims of the Berlage Institute is to stimulate cross-fertilization between individual and group work, participants and professors, practice and theory, in-depth research and contributions from critics and practitioners, including those from other disciplines. The basis of the curriculum is a sequence of design studios and research.
In addition, seminars, masterclasses, competitions, theory and history classes, lectures, exhibitions and excursions shape the curriculum. We believe that conceptualized in this way our postgraduate curriculum represents a profound, innovative, and critical approach to architectural education.
Netherlands : Amsterdam : Architectuur Lokaal
Tussen de Bogen 18 - 1013 JB Amsterdam
T: +31-(0)20-5304000
F: +31-(0)20-5304004
Architectuur-lokaal is an independant national knowledge and information centre. It is works as a bridge between all the different pary's involved in the building-process. With that they also want to built a bridge between the cultural world and 'the market'. The activities they organise are meant to upgrade the professionalism in the area of the architecture policy.
Netherlands : Amsterdam : ARCAM
Waterlooplein 213 - 1011 PG Amsterdam - Netherlands
T: 020-6204878
F: 020-6385598
Opening hours: gallery: Tuesday - Saturday 13:00am-17:00pm
"ARCAM - Amsterdam centre for architecture - was established in 1986 with the aim of coordinating the many public activities in the field of architecture, urbanism, landscape architecture and design organized in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. ARCAM is thus first and foremost a coordination centre. It liaises with a large number of institutions, supports existing programmes and initiates new activities. ARCAM organizes exhibitions, discussions on topical issues and brings out publications. With its newsletter ARCAM NIEUWS, ARCAM seeks to reach a large audience with the aim of broadening public perception of architecture. The ARCAM GALLERY holds about seven exhibitions a year." Their site includes an archive of Amsterdam buildings. It is expected to be at a new address in Spring 2003.
Netherlands : Rotterdam : NAI
Museumpark 25 - 3015 CB Rotterdam
T: +31 10 4401200
F+31 10 4366975
Opening hours: exhibitions: Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00am-5:00pm - Sundays and public holidays 11:00am-5:00pm - Closed on Mondays - 01/01 - 30/04 - 25/12
library and reading room: Tuesday - Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm - Closed on Sundays, Mondays and public holidays
Closed on Saturdays in July and August.
Also closed from 24/12 until 01/01 - 29+30/03 - 30/03
This is the ideal starting point for your visit to architecture in the Netherlands. Visitors often combine a visit to the Netherlands Architecture Institute with excursions to and tours of architecture and urban design projects in the Netherlands. The NAI therefore offers such visitors a general introduction to the subject as well as practical information about many aspects of architecture in the Netherlands. It also houses one of the largest architecture collections in the world and includes drawings and models by famous Dutch architects like Berlage, Rietveld and Oud. This architecture centre includes exhibitions, lectures especially designed for foreign visitors, guided tours of the NAI building, designed by the architect Jo Coenen, a bookshop and café.
  Norway : Oslo : Norwegian Museum of Architecture
Kongens gate 4 - 0153 Oslo - Norway
T: +47 22 42 40 80
F: +47 22 42 41 06
Opening hours: Monday -Tuesday & Thursday Friday 11:00am-6:00pm - Wed 11:00am-18:00pm - Saturday & Sunday 12:00pm-4:00pm
The purpose of the museum is to collect and disseminate information and material concerned with architecture. The Museum's most important sphere of activity is the architecture of the 20th Century. Kongens gate 4 is one of the oldest buildings in the old part of Oslo and some of it dates back to 1640. In 1993 the building was renovated and at present it is mainly occupied by the Museum. The Norwegian Museum of Architecture offers exhibitions and lectures and contains exhibition space, a bookshop and a café - their present home is a very nice place to visit.
Slovenia : Dessa : Ljubljana
Zidovska steza 4, SI-1000 Ljubljana
T: +386-1-214-074
F: +386-1-216-010
Opening hours: Monday - Friday 10:00am-3:00pm

Dessa, as a non-profit organisation, has a principle objective: elevating general societal awareness of the cultural value of architecture. It is, therefore, concerned with publishing and organising
exhibitions, lectures and excursions.

Spain : Barcelona : The Fundacio Mies van der Rohe
Provença 318, pral. 2¹ B - 08037 Barcelona
Tel: 34- 932 15 10 11
Fax: 34- 934 88 36 85
opening hours: daily 10:00am-20:00pm exceptions:
8 October 2002 (afternoon) - 10 October 2002 (morning) - 12 October 2002
The Fundació Mies van der Rohe's mission is to provide the context for debate on issues involving modern and contemporary architecture and urban planning, to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge about modern and contemporary architecture and to foster education and awareness in this field. A further objective is to foment study of the work of Mies van der Rohe in terms of both research and documentation in the broader cultural context of the Modern Movement.
Sweden : The Swedish Museum of Architecture
Skeppsholmen - SE-11149 Stockholm
T: + 46 8 587 270 00
Opening hours: Exhibitions and bookshop at Fredsgatan 12: Tue-Thursday 11:00am-8:00pm - Fri-Sunday 11:00am-6:00pm - Permanent exhibition in Skeppsholm Church Tuesday-Sunday 1:00am-5:00pm
"While its permanent home on Skeppsholmen is undergoing renovation, the Museum will be housed in Skeppsholm Church and in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Konstakademien) at Fredsgatan 12. Temporary exhibitions will succeed one another in Fredsgatan, where the amenities also include a library and a bookshop. The Museum's Picture Bank is accessible by agreement, at The Archives Office will remain closed while renovation is in progress."
Switzerland : Zurich : Centre Le Corbusier
Zürichhorn Park - Höschgasse 8 - 8008 Zürich

Also known as the Centre Le Corbusier, the Heidi Weber Pavilion was completed after Corbusier's death and is now a (rarely open) museum and gallery.

Switzerland : Lausanne : Forum d'architectures Lausanne
Villamont 4 CP 47 - 1000 Lausanne 5
T & F: 021 3230756
opening hours: Wed-Friday 12:00am-18:00pm - Thursday 12:00am-21:00pm - Sat-Sunday 12:00am-17:00pm - closed Monday & Tuesday

The forum is an association with a regional and local focus as a place of exchange and debate between professionals, the users and all those for whom architects, engineers, town planner, landscape designers design. There forum wants to be a place for all, and not just a gallery or a professional body.

Switzerland : Basel : Architekturmuseum
Pfluggässlein 3 - Postfach 911 - 4051 Basel
T: +41 61 261 1413
F: +41 61 261 1428
Opening hours:
Thursday - Friday 1:00pm-6:00pm - mornings by request
Saturday 10:00am-4:00pm
Sunday 1:00pm-4:00pm
"The Architekturmuseum Basel is a privately funded foundation, presenting a varied sequence of exhibitions on Swiss and international architecture. The museum was founded in 1984, and thanks to its wide-ranging activities has established itself as a highly regarded cultural institution within the growing public debate on architecture. The exhibition programme is grouped around three principal themes: Swiss architecture of the classical Modern period is fundamentally important. A second principal theme is contemporary architecture in the international field. Thirdly, various themes from the architectural periphery are featured.

Full list of places:

Austria: Architectural Center, Vienna
Austria: Albertina, Vienna
Austria: House of Architecture, Graz
Belgium: Design museum, Ghent
Belgium: Archive of modern architecture, Brussels
Belgium: Victor Horta Museum, Brussels
Croatia: Croatian museum of architecture, Zagreb
Czech Republic: National Technical Museum
Denmark: Danish Center for Architecture: Gammel Dok, Copenhagen
Estonia: Museum of Estonian Architecture, Tallin
France: Architectural Gallery in Paris
France: Architectural center in Bordeaux
France: Museum of Tony Garnier in Lyon
France: French institue of architecture, Paris
France: Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris
France: Le Corbusier Foundation, Paris
France: Center of Architecture, Toulouse
France: FRAC Centre, Orleans
Finland: Museum of Finnish architecture, Helsinki
Finland: Alvar Aalto Museum, Jivaskyla
Germany: Aedes Gallery, Berlin
Germany: German architecutral Center Zentrum DAZ, Berlin
Germany: German Museum of Architecture, Frankfurt am Main
Germany: Vitra Design Museum
Germany: Bauhaus Dessau, Dessau
Germany: Bauhaus Archive Museum of Design, Berlin
Architecture Gallery in Stuttgart
Germany: Museum of Architecture in Munich
Germany: Architekturmuseum Schwaben, Augsburg
Greece: Benaki Museum, Athens
Latvia: Latvian Museum of Architecture, Rigaure, Vilnus
Lithuania: : Museum of architecture
Netherlands: Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam
Netherlands: Flemish Architectural Institute
Netherlands: Berlage Institute, Amsterdam
Netherlands: Architecture Center, Amsterdam
Norway: Norwegian museum of architecture, Oslo
Poland: Architectural museum, Wroczlaw
Russia: Schshusev state museum of Architecture, Moscow
Slovenia: Architectural museum, Ljubljana
Slovakia: Galerie Architecture, Brno
Spain: Center of Modern Culture, Barcelona
Spain: Foundation Mies van der Rohe, Barcelona
Sweden: Swedish museum of architecture, Stockholm
Switzerland: Architectural museum, Basel
Switzerland: Museum of Design, Zurich
Switzerland: Architectural Forum, Zurich
Switzerland: Architecture Gallery, Luzern

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